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Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland has become renowned for their success in developing a holistic medical discipline they call Swiss Biological Medicine. This approach is now famously used for the individualized diagnosis and treatment of difficult chronic and degenerative disease cases referred from around the world.

The application of this innovative medical discipline is spreading  even further with the recent 2015 activation of the Paracelsus Academy of Biomedicine,  a new international  initiative led by Dr Rau and the Paracelsus Clinic medical team.  Dr Rau continues to advance his international education activity as he steps back and supports Dr Frank Pleus MD as the new clinic Medical Director.

The new opportunities for Academy Fellows and Members are starting to appear now. Cross-referral and a new Intgernational Biological Medicine Directory are coming when the Covid complications settle down.

Paracelsus Referral Partner and Directory Programs

My business development and advocacy experiences in large and small businesses, and in the public policy sector, give me a broad respect for the value and collaborations we need to advance our work together.

Paracelsus Academy and Paracelsus Clinic inspire me to apply all of my effort to energize all natural medicine professionals for this training, affiliation to our opportunities, and to inspire new public health education event production.

I was President of  Biomed and Terra-Medica  representing Sanum and Rubimed  remedies here in North America. I’ve had a rare vantage point to meet many hundreds of inspiring doctors, therapists and patients enjoying the benefits of methods virtually unknown to mainstream medicine.

I’ve seen the ground-breaking medical work at Paracelsus Clinic developed by Dr Rau and his team. I’ve met many patients  at our lectures and heard their life-changing stories.  I have been inspired  to help bring public and practitioner education  for these valuable  Biological Medicine approaches to North America.

Dr Rau has been a sought-after international lecturer to medical schools, conferences, seminars and public wellness events to explain their biological medicine  methods.

Dr Rau says it so: “Those who treat differently must think differently!”  For many western doctors, shifting a framework of thinking is tough at first.

Natural Advantage Health Seminars, will help medical innovators  access  Paracelsus Academy training and peer connections. I will also  push community awareness forward through collaborative public events featuring  selected Paracelsus Academy speakers at locations across North America.  See

I want to collaborate with you!

Watch for post-Covid updates.

by Terry Cotter, BSc
Natural Advantage Health Seminars