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Dr Rau Video – EMF

Please enjoy this informative video with Dr. Thomas Rau of the Paracelsus Clinic in Lustmuhle, Switzerland, cautioning about the biological influences of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from wireless technologies.

Paracelsus Clinic sees patients from all over the world who are not getting well with conventional medical strategies. They practice what is called ‘Biological Medicine’ which focuses on the terrain of the body or ‘milieu’, looking for what is interfering with proper functioning of the regulation systems, and supporting the body as indicated to remove the impediments.

In focusing on the body’s systems and regulation, it is distinctly different from western medicine that focuses on a problem, like a tumor. Biological Medicine takes a bigger lens, systemic view of health and disease, and uses unique diagnostic and therapeutic modalities resulting very often in superior outcomes.

In the case of electromagnetic fields from wireless technologies (and infrastructure), Dr. Rau explains EMFs interfere with cellular metabolism, mitochondria and oxygen uptake, among other physiological processes.

Terry:  ‘ Dr Rau has spoken about these topics in the past and he notes sensitive people with diminished vitality, or with specific sensitivity, feel   influence from the radiation emitted from powerful antennas in cell phones, portable phones,  wireless routers and neighborhood rooftop antennas and towers.”

But Dr. Rau also makes the important distinction that while the outbound radiation is part of the problem,  each individual has a body that behaves as a receiver to a unique and variable degree. Some are more sensitive than others due their state of holistic composition and the resilience of their current vitality. Someone who is challenged in their micro-nutrition, regulatory capacity and vitality is likely to have a higher sensitivity to this environmental influence.

Micro-nutrient minerals, or toxic metal burdens, polarized or ionized cellular structures, active membranes, and organic compounds such as proteins and enzymes may be variably influenced by pulsing waves of EMF. Changing metal burdens in the dental work and tissues will contribute to precautionary reduction of reactivity to these environmental influences. Reducing the influence of EMF affords more stability for regulatory systems to do their job at the cellular and chemical level.’

Paracelsus has the largest Biological Dentistry operation in Europe and they are metal-free. When it comes to patients with chronic illnesses, especially tinnitus patients and cancer patients, removing dental metals is a first priority. After all, our environment has certainly changed, blanketed with more and more radiation, so the practice of dentistry has had to change, too, and Paracelsus is leading the way.

Dr. Rau discusses this and more in this video, including how EMFs are one of the most important epigenetic influences changing the bacteria in our bodies, and increasing pathogenicity (the potential for pathological changes and disease).

More than ever, the Biological Medicine broad and systems-oriented approach to health restoration is extremely valuable and needed in today’s wireless age.


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