Blessings to all my international friends involved in Swiss Biological Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Holistic and Complementary Healthcare and to those in the industries of supportive remedies and devices.  I want to say how happy I am to be able to expand my path in this field.

I am including a great introduction video kindly posted by the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute. Dr. Thomas Rau M.D. and I explain the mission and activities of the new  Paracelsus Academy.


Dr. Thomas Rau M.D., has experience as Medical Director of Paracelsus Clinic for over 25 years. The  medical approach he calls Swiss Biological Medicine has been developed through many innovations for the treatment of difficult and complex disease. He has  now become the Academic Director for Paracelsus Academy while continuing to work with clinic patients.


I view my North American Paracelsus Academy mission as having 3 important parts, particularly for North America.

  • Professional Training: a new curriculum has been assembled – Dr Rau’s Swiss Biological Medicine delivered by Dr Rau and the selected team of experienced lecturers.
  • Public Education: to inform through local public outreach events why results can be so different. Local medical and dental event partners will help me showcase both the Swiss and their local holistic services at these events.
  • International Biological Medicine Network: to advance connectivity, participation and coordinated innovation and advocacy among professionals and supportive industry for Biological Medicine into the future.


I am excited about my public outreach project. If you have attended any of my training programs in the past, or watch my work from afar, you know I always talk about outreach. The public can’t know the issues around preservation of choice, or even know what the choices are, unless we talk about them.

Paracelsus Academy events will be collaborations with local co-host partners. By partner, I mean like-minded groups such as clinics, dentists and patient groups motivated to help their community. We will do most of the logistics work and it cost very little more than some dedicated team time, effort and contagious excitement. This is an incredible opportunity to offer an international win/win promotional event in your community.


If you want to be a partner, call me and join with me in expanding local awareness about holistic medical and dental home-support resources. Difficult disease services offered by Paracelsus Clinic will also reach the patients who need it.

The Paracelsus Academy speakers all have experience working hands-on with Dr Rau at the Swiss Clinic at Lustmuhle and have played a part in development of the new professional training curriculum. Patient groups, clinics and thought-leaders are asked to reach out to me. Let’s boost local awareness about the benefits of individualized natural medicine in your community with a marquis event.

The events started rolling out with a sold out event in West Palm Beach event at the Palm County Convention Center.

Other events are coming to Philadelphia, Denver. Arizona and New York are also in the works in 2018. Follow  Facebook for the event announcements in Canada and the US.

Find the events and register HERE online. Call Terry to register by telephone at 1-778-847-3243, or email me at Our office is on Pacific Time. On the east coast we open at 11:30a,m – 7:30pm


Terry Cotter