Harnessing Opportunity

by Terry Cotter, BSc

I am proud to have achieved unprecedented sales and profit in the B2B channel during my 8 years of service as President at Biomed. That achievement is consistent with similar results accomplished in service of other companies. Regulatory changes impacted the Biomed catalogue after 2015. This created a juncture to step into a new venture.

Effective merchandising and marketing, effective recruiting, collaborative project planning and team deployment, and a firm pledge of 100% support to my staff team members have been central in my pattern of success. People matter. Compassion, trust and loyalty are hallmarks of the most successful team dynamics.

I am attracted to activities that contribute to the economic success, health and culture of our communities.

My Corporate Operations Management career started with a tremendous experience integrating corporate functional departments and workplace culture at the head office of Dairyland Foods, a $1B company.

My leadership functions have included:

  • Business Development,
  • Discovery of Opportunity,
  • Key Account Relationship Management,
  • Professional Education Event Development,
  • Recruiting, Human Capital and Team Development, Labour Relations
  • Manufacturing, Facility Construction
  • Logistics Design and Systems Implementation,
  • Distribution and Operations Management,
  • Business Unit Intelligence, Cost Analysis and Budgeting,
  • Marketing and External/Internal Communications
  • Sales Team Management

Two heads can be better than one – but that rule doesn’t apply in an unequal or dysfunctional dynamic. Two heads often become less than one. It takes respectful communication and persistence to achieve a thorough harvest of thought from all the voices at the table.

I have conceived and deployed outreach and operations plans for brand development, product launches, company restructures, many professional and community events including public information forums, conventions, trade shows, seminars, concerts and festivals.

I am innovative and entrepreneurial by nature; we all need to think that way.

There are many aspects of mentoring business development projects that are very fulfilling to me –  working with good people for example, helping the team achieve more than they thought they could – this is what I enjoy.

I am always interested to talk about the challenges and opportunities of small and medium sized business with owners, executives and their teams.

I’m nearby and I can make time. Let’s talk about your aspirations.