A Message from Dr. Thomas Rau M.D.

RE: Paracelsus Education Center Schedules for 2018 at the Switzerland location.


Dear students of the academy, dear patients:

Again and again I am asked by patients, but also by doctors, about the secrets of our biological medicine. There is no secret, we treat the causes, instead of fighting only the symptoms.

Strictly following the “Dr.Rau 3 Pillars Program” results in the greatest success!

An important part of the programs – which is often painstakingly ignored in conventional medicine – is dental health.  You are also cordially invited to attend one of our information evenings – be it as a patient or as an interested medical specialist!

Because biological medicine has gained more and more interest worldwide, we are also teaching the principles of biological medicine as part of our academy in the USA this year. I am just back from a sold-out seminar in Florida, and more programs are scheduled.

The main part of our training, however, still takes place at our clinic. This will strengthen the Swiss location and portrays the multifactorial aspects of biological medicine at our clinic of excellence.

For all those interested, we offer the “Paracelsus Health Consultant” seminar course with no prior medical knowledge required. For medical professionals, there are topic-specific intensive seminars and new English language certificate courses.  “Biological Medicine According to Dr. Rau” and a supplementary course in dark field microscopy.

I am pleased to welcome you to our clinic education center this year!


Best wishes,

Dr. Thomas Rau,


Paracelsus Academy courses taught at Switzerland in 2018

Module 3: Paracelsus Connects the Intestines: Immune system, bacteria and allergy June 20/21, 2018


Module 4: Dr. Rau‘s Paradigms to Regulation (Pillar 3): The up building forces. Swiss Biological

methods of lab testing and understanding difficult diseases and specific therapy methods June 22/23, 2018


Module 5: Paracelsus’ Specific Treatment Programs and Regenerative Therapies October 22/23, 2018


Module 6: Paracelsus’ Cancer Treatment Programs and Specific Cancer Therapies October 24/25, 2018


Module 7 Online-Seminar: Nutrition in Biological Medicine


Learn more about healthy living as a “Paracelsus Health Consultant” – starting on March 9, 2018

Find more programs and to register online click  HERE.



Andrina Schmid / Tel. +41 71 335 71 22 / academy@paracelsus.com