I have always been interested  when I see independent research and medical work that  becomes convergent on common themes.   When common truths start to emerge around our work it tells us  that Natural and Holistic Medicine  approach has  been on the right track . Many hundreds of patients already showed us that, but hey… now  the elephant is starting to agree with us.

That was the case again this week when I saw two coincidental stories come out in the popular media .

I listened to a recent podcast by NPR TED Radio Hour called Rethinking Medicine that had caught the attention of some important peers. The substance of the TED  talk was the Up-Building and regenerative theme that has been central to the  biological medicine approach embraced by Paracelsus Clinic and Dr. Thomas Rau M.D. for the past 25 years of work with difficult disease.

I find it interesting when I see the thinking and clinical work we have been talking about for decades being regarded as a new approach – a Rethink.

Come to our Paracelsus Academy programs and hear the established clinical applications of similar thinking and tangible clinical methods that are being rediscovered by conventional western medicine.

Our Denver Module 2 professional program is happening May 3rd and 4th and presents the biological medicine approach to modulating the Milieu (inner environment) to unblock regulatory capacity and empower the immune system function. We will also open our program for Public Education that highlights our approach and provides a better understanding about the difference these choices offer.

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