Convergence. I have always been interested  when I see independent research and medical work that  becomes convergent on common themes.   When common truths start to emerge around our work it tells us  that Natural and Holistic Medicine  approach has  been on the right track . Many hundreds of patients already showed us that, but hey…… Read More

Swiss Biological Medicine Academy – North America

Greetings to all my international friends involved in Swiss Biological Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Holistic and Complementary Healthcare and to those in the industries of supportive remedies and devices.  I am to be expanding my professional and community outreach in this field. Dr. Thomas Rau M.D.,  is the former 30-year  Medical Director of Switzerland’s famous Paracelsus… Read More

New Outreach Programs

Paracelsus Academy Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland has become renowned for their success in developing a holistic medical discipline they call Swiss Biological Medicine. This approach is now famously used for the individualized diagnosis and treatment of difficult chronic and degenerative disease cases referred from around the world. The application of this innovative medical discipline is… Read More

Excerpted from: Manhattan Neighbors   Visit their web page Thanks to their effort to create the video presentation. Dr Rau Video – EMF Please enjoy this informative video with Dr. Thomas Rau of the Paracelsus Clinic in Lustmuhle, Switzerland, cautioning about the biological influences of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from wireless technologies. Paracelsus Clinic sees patients from all… Read More