Philadelphia with Dr. Felix Bethge M.D., March 22 – 24

Paracelsus Academy is collaborating with the local Biological Medicine community and Ian & Kelly Kennedy’s multi-disciplinary True Wellness biomedicine clinic to bring our Public Education/Outreach and Professional Training to the Philadelphia area.  Click to Find Tickets and More Information.

Paracelsus Academy is please to present our faculty member Dr. Felix Bethge M.D. for these events. Dr. Bethge has 5 years of  experience working in a close collaboration with Dr. Thomas Rau M.D., the 25-year Medical Director at Switzerland’s Paracelsus Clinic, and the Academic Director of Paracelsus Academy.

As a member of the Paracelsus Academy faculty Dr. Bethge has been a participant in the essential curriculum development for the Seminar Modules. Since the inception of the Academy activity has been lecturing in Europe for the certification programs. See his bio below:



Blue Bell Country Club at Normandy Farm  will be the beautiful venue for all of our events.