Dr. Thomas Rau MD, the 25-year Medical Director at the Paracelsus Clinic near Zurich, Switzerland, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Terry Cotter as  Director, Paracelsus Academy – North America.

Paracelsus Clinic is Europe’s largest natural medicine center and is famous for innovations in Swiss Biological Medicine diagnostics and treatments for difficult disease. Dr Rau has responded to global professional lecture invitations for decades and in 2016 the Paracelsus Academy of Biomedicine was opened as the specialty training program by Paracelsus Clinic.

Terry has served the Naturopathic, Biological Medicine and Holistic medical communities as President for Biomed and Terra-Medica, including education and sales support for Sanum, Rubimed and nutritional products.

Paracelsus Academy seminars are for all practitioners working with difficult and chronic illness: MD, ND, DC, DDS, DO, HD, OMD, Functional Medicine practitioners, Bioresonance and Nanomedicine specialists, nurses, nutritionists, herbalists, therapy technicians, patient advocates and clinic support staff.

New Public Education Events by Paracelsus Academy lecturers will expand outreach about benefits of holistic medical thinking and self-care. Recent Paracelsus Academy public education events in NYC sold out to hundreds very quickly. Public appetite for information about Paracelsus Biological Medicine diagnosis and treament approaches is very high.

Start plans for a public education and outreach event in your city by contacting Terry directly. Mr Cotter will also reconnect international Biological Medicine professionals and manufacturers to advance these technologies and assist collective advocacy.

Ms Claudia Riklin serves as the Director, Paracelsus Academy – Europe, and conducts professional instruction curriculum development with Dr Rau and the team. She can be reached at Academy@Paracelsus.com.

Find event updates and patient referral information at Paracelsus.com/Academy, on Facebook and by email newsletters.  You can reach Terry at  terry@NaturalAdvantage.ca.


Call Terry Monday to Friday at  +1-778-847-3243:
from Europe after 17:30 Zurich Time
11:00 – 22:00 Eastern Time
08:00 – 17:00 Pacific Time