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Blessings to all my international friends involved in Swiss Biological Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Holistic and Complementary Healthcare and to those in the industries of supportive remedies and devices.  I want to say how happy I am to be able to expand my path in this field.

See this Video kindly posted by the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute. In it Dr. Rau and I describe the intended mission and activity of the new  Paracelsus Academy education and outreach project:



Find our upcoming events HERE.


Dr Thomas Rau MD


I regard our Paracelsus Academy mission as having 3 important parts, particularly for North America and globally outside of Switzerland.

  • Professional Training: a new curriculum has been assembled – Dr Rau’s Swiss Biological Medicine delivered by Dr Rau and the selected team of experienced lecturers.
  • Public Education: to inform the public with local outreach events why results can be so different in holistic individualized  natural medicine. Local medical and dental event partners will help showcase both the Swiss Biological Medicine and their unique local  services at these events.
  • International Biological Medicine Network:  these programs will advance connectivity, participation and coordinated innovation and advocacy among international professionals and supportive industry. We need to create a sustainable and innovative model last carries us into the future of Biological Medicine.


I am excited about this public outreach project. If you have attended any of my training programs in the past, or have watch my work from afar, you know I always talk about public outreach. and education The public can’t know the issues around preservation of choice, or even know what the choices are, unless we inform them.

Paracelsus Academy events will be collaborations with local partners. By partner, I mean like-minded people and groups such as  Medical Directors, doctors, clinics, dentists, medical schools and patient groups motivated to help their community. We will do most of the logistics work and it will cost you nothing. This is an incredible opportunity to co-host and offer an international win/win promotional event in your community.


If you want to be a partner, call me and join with me in expanding local awareness about holistic medical and dental home-support resources. Information about the difficult disease services offered by Paracelsus Clinic will also reach those who need it.

The Paracelsus Academy speakers all have experience working hands-on with Dr Rau at the Swiss Clinic at Lustmuhle and have played a part in development of the new professional training curriculum. Patient groups, clinics, important service and remedy vendors, and thought-leaders are asked to reach out to me. Let’s boost local awareness about the benefits of individualized natural medicine in your community with a marquis event. Call me at 1-778-847-3243, or email me at


The events started rolling out in 2018 in sold out events in West Palm Beach at the Palm County Convention Center.

Other events in Philadelphia, Denver, Arizona and New York are also in the works in  2018. Watch and Follow us on  Facebook to receive the first notice of event announcements for Canada and the US.


Terry Cotter


Mr Terry Cotter, BSc appointed as the new
Consulting Director for Paracelsus Academy – North America

Advancing Biological Medicine Innovations and Education

North America Announcement

Dr. Thomas Rau MD, the 25-year Medical Director at the Paracelsus Clinic near Zurich, Switzerland, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Terry Cotter, BSc as  Consulting Director, Paracelsus Academy – North America.

Paracelsus Clinic is famous for the innovative Swiss Biological Medicine discipline Dr Rau and the medical team have developed, and for many years of remarkable results treating difficult and complex disease for patients referred from around the world.

Consequently, Dr Rau has responded to international professional lecture invitations for decades. In 2015 a new investment established the Paracelsus Academy of Biomedicine as a specialty training program by Paracelsus Clinic.

Many North American healthcare professionals will know Terry Cotter has previously served the Naturopathic, Biological Medicine and holistic medical communities conducting education and sales support for Pleo Sanum and Rubimed remedies as President for Biomed and Terra-Medica.

Paracelsus Academy seminars are for all professional healthcare disciplines working with complex and difficult chronic illness. The Functional Medicine practitioners, Bioresonance and Nanomedicine specialists, nurses, nutritionists, herbalists, lab and therapy technicians, patient advocates and clinic support staff will all benefit from these events.

New Public Education Events by Academy lecturers will provide a boost to local outreach about these holistic medical approaches and self-care methods. Local peers will share the podium to highlight the local services and add to the value of these public education events in their city.

Public interest in Paracelsus Clinic’s methods for difficult disease and self-care has always been very high. For example, another recent public education event in NYC sold out. Get a collaborative education and promotional Academy event started in your city, or attend a professional seminar. Contact Terry directly at, direct: 778-847-3243, or 1-(833)-778-3243.

Ms Claudia Riklin serves as the Director, Paracelsus Academy – Europe, and conducts the professional curriculum development and registrar functions at the Paracelsus Clinic Education Center at Lustmuhle, Switzerland. Academic content of all programs is led by Dr Thomas Rau with assistance from the team members.

Register for event updates on the web site at Spot the event dates on Facebook as they are announced.

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by Terry page

Today I was sipping my morning coffee and watching the news when I spotted my first televised commercial for the integrated health benefit offered by holistic dentistry (we call this Biological Dentistry in Swiss Biological Medicine circles). This dental center is Clear Choice Dentistry located in Bellevue WA.

The story is about a man who says his cardiologist will stop more therapies unless he resolves the contributing factors in his dental condition. The man gets his focal infections resolved and  we see a happy ending.

Let’s hope information about the broad health impact of dental/ jaw  toxicity is a new trend.

Click the ad I saw:  


Terry  Cotter,  BSc

  • Director, Paracelsus Academy – North America
  • President, Natural Advantage Health Seminars Inc.
  • Unit 603 – 567 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC, V7M 2G6
  • (778) 847-3243,

Inclusion yields engagement and tangible results …       

  • Achieved breakthrough earnings growth with every team through collaborative operations planning, sales & marketing leadership:  Biomed International (CDA) and Terra-Medica (USA) + 270%, Integrity Mechanical + 340%, Bowen Island Pub + 300%


  • Style Tags: Dependable, optimistic, innovative, entrepreneurial, flexible, loyal and social


  • Past Career and Community Leadership Roles:
    • President/ General Manager/ Executive Director / Business Development
    • Entrepreneur/ Business Owner
    • Medical/Technical Education Program Development, Facilitation & Conferences
    • Hospitality Operations Manager and Project Leader
    • Conference and Event Co-ordinator and MC
    • Retail Chain-Store Management and Policy
    • Appointed Chair: Inter-Government Policy Development Committee
    • Elected Local & Regional Government Official
    • NGO Board Member, Chairman and President
    • Industry Association Board Member, Lobbyist, Regulatory Advocate
    • Amateur Sport ‘Coach of the Year’


Career Leadership…


Director, Paracelsus Academy – North America  –   2017 –

Paracelsus Academy, based in Switzerland,  is the new international Biological Medicine professional training program initiative by Dr Thomas Rau MD, the 25 year Medical Director at the famous Paracelsus Clinic 1 hour from Zurich.  Paracelsus Academy will also present public education and outreach events in collaboration with local clinics, thought-leaders and non-profit patient advocacy groups throughout North America.  As Director, Mr Cotter will identify, attract and encourage event partners to bring opportunities forward to arrange local delivery of this outreach and promotion to the public and professionals. These programs will be of interest to  Naturopathic, Integrated Medicine and Biological Medicine doctors, holistic dentists, clinics interested to actively promote local education about the benefits of holistic medicine approaches,  advocates and the manufacturers who support all of this work.


President, Natural Advantage Health Seminars  – 2017 –

NAHS is the local operating company that will liaise and assist the outreach work of Paracelsus Academy in North America.


President – Biomed International Products (Canada) and Terra-Medica Inc. (USA) , Head Office: Burnaby, BC,  2009 to 2017

Leadership in all business functions for a natural medicine/ supplement company GMP compliant manufacturing of proprietary formulas and representing European brands of homeopathic tinctures and herbal formulas for use by

Naturopathic and Integrated Medicine doctors. Reporting to an absentee owner, recruited key staff, collaborative marketing strategy, e-marketing, sales management and strategy development, SOP maintenance, administration and performance management for company teams in Canada and USA. Led the medical conference and professional and public seminar event  strategy and facilitation across North America (over 60 events) . Importation interpretations at FDA and Health Canada caused  downsizing in 2017.

  • Growth from a history of a 15-year break-even marginal cash flow to achieve profitable earnings within 2 years (earnings improved by well over 500%). Gross sales growth +270% within 3 years.
  • Team Leadership for: Health Canada & FDA regulatory compliance, merchandising strategy, brand and market message outreach strategy (digital, print and film shorts), Key Account relations, commission and bonus structure, technical and media script writing, organization structure, senior level recruiting, Medical CME education program curriculum development, seminar event facilitator, business negotiations and contract development, liaison to medical colleges and professional associations, optimization of accounting data to enhance decision-making capacity.
  • Relationship and reputation enhancement among the principle owners and associates of 2,500 medical and specialty clinicians, thought-leaders and stores we serve in North America – conducted through meetings and tours at clinics, education/conference events, and other outreach.
  • International inter-company negotiation with European and Asian manufacturers as their exclusive North American product representative. Travel 6 – 10 weeks avg per year to Europe (Germany, Switzerland, UK), Canada and US.
  • Leader and Podium Host for medical conventions, workshops, seminar course facilitator, team leader for marketing, event syllabus, venue planning and deployment of these remote multi-day medical certification programs. Responsible for team completion of writing and assembly of media and resources for those events.
  • On April 21, 2015, was speaker at FDA hearings in Washington DC for the FDA Homeopathic Drug Review stakeholder sessions.
  • Acquired the Paracelsus Biological Medicine Certificate 2013 – a specialty medical training program co-developed for 5 years with Dr Thomas Rau MD, Medical Director of Europe’s largest naturopathic medical center: Paracelsus Clinic at Lustmuhle, Switzerland.
  • Regulatory importation rulings caused downsizing in 2017.


Executive Director – British Columbia Wine Institute, Kelowna, 2008 – 2009

BC wine industry advocacy for an industry association membership representing 95% of BC VQA Grape Wine production. Re-engagement of the network of 18 owner-operated VQA Wine Store chain operations throughout BC. Leadership for Marketing Manager, Media & Communications Manager, Finance Manager, and office staff. Wine Festival Event Production and Management, Administration, Media Relations.

  • Appointed by Hon. Stan Hagen, Minister of Agriculture and Lands to sit as a policy advisor on the 6-member BC Agrifood Trade Council.
  • Initiatives included direct co-ordination with the principles of: Tourism BC, Tourism Vancouver, Tourism Thompson Okanagan, Minister and staff of Ministry of Tourism, Minister and staff of Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch General Manager, Minister and Assistant Deputy Minister of Housing and Social Policy, BC LDB General Manager and staff, BC Agriculture Council, Wine Council of Ontario, Canadian Vintners Association, BC Wine Authority and many other government offices and NGO’s.
  • Developed a new operating contract with independent owners in an 18-store provincial retail wine store chain. Transformed the combative corporate culture of this store chain into co-operative readiness to invest in re-branding.


General Manager –  Integrity Mechanical Geothermal and HVAC, North Vancouver, 2005 – 2008

Restructured the management information systems and conducted operations strategic planning to empower improved productivity and profit control in the $6.8M Geothermal Energy and HVAC technology installation company.  I left to pursue an opportunity in Kelowna.

  • Change Management: This company consisted of 20-staff and 8 service vehicles with $2M sales in 2005. We moved the offices and grew to 42-staff and 18 service vehicles supporting $6.8M of sales (+340%). Conducted successful change management through proactive policy development.
  • Development of policy guidelines for AR, AP, Payroll, CRA contact for GST and Corporate Taxes, PST and WCB contact, production scheduling, employee relations and policy, recruiting, estimating tools, quote templates, heat loss calculations, project sales and development of company sales policy, key account management, contracts, warranty, project planning and monitoring, progress review, purchasing, fleet management, equipment purchase, commercial lease negotiation, office network maintenance, Microsoft Office trainer and customer relations.


CEO and PresidentCotter Entertainment Inc., 1995 – 05

Owner and operator of Bowen Island Neighborhood Pub & Retail Beer and Wine Store. Hospitality F&B management, staff supervision and training for a dynamic team of 2 managers and 16 line staff. Built a new Liquor Store including: licensing process, budget, POS programming and store layout, hands-on construction, security plan, desktop graphics design work for all advertising, media releases, marketing campaigns. Sold the business.

  • Featured on the cover story of PUBLICAN industry magazine November 2002
  • Achieved a record sales volume on Day 1 through effective special event promotion.
  • A 300% sales increase within 24 months.
  • Production for over 400 live stage shows and public events (music, theme parties, community and theatrical events).
  • Provincial government regulatory advocacy on behalf of the hospitality industry.


Operations Manager and Project Leader Dairyland Foods Ltd., Burnaby, 1988 – 1995

Head Office Operations and Project Management under CEO Mr David E. Coe, and Provincial Director of Operations Mr Bob Fowler. Team Leadership and supervision for operations, labour, logistics, organization structure and warehouse implementation for this $1.2B national manufacturing and food processing company. Leadership, recruiting, training, mentoring and supervision for 5 sub-departments. Left to pursue a business opportunity.

  • Outstanding Speaker Award (conference event), Sales Instructor (on Video), Top 10 Sales Award in consecutive years.
  • Managed 125 Teamster employees ($7M payroll), 7 exempt supervisors and 4 shift foremen in 5 departments at the Head Office hub of the 25 branch BC distribution network. Activity included warehousing, shipping, receiving, inter-branch distribution, external LTL co-ordination and customer relations.
  • Production forecasting for 220 SKU’s to supply the BC fresh food distribution network.
  • Appointed Project Leader for one of Western Canada’s first computerized warehouse installations. Led a 10-month interdisciplinary planning and deployment process which transformed the inter-department culture at the 1,200 employee Head Office.



Other Employment Engagements:  during university studies and other part-time

Double Eagle Boats-  fibreglass boat manufacturing, outfitting

Wometco (Coca-Cola Bottlers) – shipper/receiver, forklift operator, cranes, packaging line

Canadian Kenworth Trucks – partsman, warehouseman, forklift operator, receiving, shipping

Dominion Construction –  structural steel fabrication, welding, bending, threading, drill press

Vancouver Planetarium – observatory telescope operator, museum tour guide, usher and cashier

Simon Fraser University – gas chromatography technician and research associate

Construction/Renovation – handyman framing, flooring, drywall, electrical, plumbing.

Community and Industry Association Leadership…


Minister Appointee  –  Agrifood Trade Council, BC Ministry of Agriculture,   2008

Appointed by Hon. Stan Hagen, Minister of Agriculture and Lands, to sit on the Minister`s advisory committee with 6 other appointees.

Region Appointee – Coastal Community Ferry Advisory Committee2006 to 2008

Appointed by the Bowen Island Municipal Government as their community representative to a committee serving Hon. Kevin Falcon, Minister of Transportation. Radio interviews, press releases. Collaboration with BC Ferries CEO David Hahn, BC Ferries Commissioner Martin Crilly.

Municipal Councillor  –  Bowen Island Municipality elected official     2002 – 2005

Council member in this lower mainland community of 4,000 pop. Regular review of aboriginal treaty implications for local and regional government (LMTAC) planning and services. Facilitator of many public meetings and forums. Interviews, press releases. Appointed by council to act as negotiator for establishment of new local public amenities in partnership with Regional and Provincial governments: collaborating with Minister Stan Hagen, Minister Kevin Falcon, Minister Pat Bell, Minister George Abbott, Metro CAO Johnny Carline.

Metro Vancouver Finance Committee    2002 – 2005

Appointed by the Chair of the Metro Vancouver Regional Government Board. Fiscal policy review of regional initiatives and 3P projects ($1B transportation capital plans)

Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Committee    2002 – 2005

Appointed by the Chair of the Metro Vancouver Regional Government Board. Review of regional park strategy, revenue and development initiatives. Appointed by the committee to represent Metro Vancouver at the Illinois International Regional Park Services Conference.

Bowen Island Chamber of Commerce President     1997 – 2002

Small business advocacy, education and networking. Collaboration with BC Chamber of Commerce

Canadian Health Food Association – 2009 – 2017

Regulatory advocacy to Health Canada NNHPD and elected officials, member education programs

 Canadian Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Association – 2010 – 2017

Regulatory advocacy to Health Canada NNHPD, industry and practitioner networking for issues.

Industry Association Region Director and Board Member –  BC Beverage Alcohol Association     1995 – 2000

This provincial association engaged in regulatory advocacy/ lobbying to the legislators and BC Liquor Control Board on behalf of licensees. I represented licensees in Sunshine Coast and North Vancouver.

Chairman – Governance Restructure Committee     1999

Appointed by unanimous recommendation of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Islands Trust Government, regional and local stakeholders to chair a challenging and controversial 10 month study of governance options for Bowen Island. Podium host of several Town Hall meetings and forums. A community referendum resulted in the establishment of the first Island Municipality in British Columbia.


Education & Interests…

 Bachelor of Science –  Simon Fraser University (marine science, histology, computing, microbiology, aquaculture, parasitology, entomology)

Recipient: Technology Innovation Award 2013 – by Western Canada Sage/Accpac Group in recognition of our progressive adoption and innovative implementation of ERP, Sage CRM, training investments and application for sales/service fulfilment systems in an internal logistics upgrade.

Vancouver & Burnaby Board of Trade Workshops 2016:  utilizing social media, e-campaigning, HR best practises updates. Past member for 8 years.

Leadership Immersion Workshop  Grid International Ltd.

Labour Relations/Supervision Immersion Workshop –  Sterling Group Consultants

Member, Vancouver Board of Trade – Topical Business Seminars

BC Institute of Technology

Accounting I & II ; Data Processing IBM  ; Administrative Management ; Marketing  ;  Labour Relations I & II  ; Productivity Management  ;  Organizational Behaviour

North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce –  member for 2 years. Seminars and workshops

Burnaby Board of Trade – member for 5 years

BC Chamber of Commerce – past member

Foodsafe Licensee Certificate – HACCP

Licensee Serving It Right – responsible beverage service certificate for licensees 

PADI Advanced Open Water SCUBA

Sage Accpac ERP & CRM

Webex Conferencing –  for team meetings and product education webinars

Microsoft Office Suite / Corel Graphics – proficient user and teacher for applications programming

Simply Accounting and Quickbooks Accounting

Amateur Soccer – player/coach on lower mainland men’s teams (25 yrs), coaching children’s teams for West Vancouver Soccer Association

Men’s Fastball – 2010 ‘Coach of the Year’ in Men’s Baseball, 2nd Place Batting Champion 2010 Men’s Baseball, Home Run Champion 2003, player/ manager and coach for men’s fast-pitch baseball, also Girls Softball League coach.

Member,  Vice President – North Shore Chorus – amateur singing with a 50 member ensemble

Pastimes – perpetual learning, soccer, golf, baseball, choral singing, live music, volleyball, building, boating, fitness.