Director, International Academy and Partner Programs

Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC,


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Business Development and Operations Highlights

>>> Paracelsus Clinic, Academy and International Clinic Partner Programs

­­­­­­­­Effectiveness in business development activities including: Opportunity discovery, HR recruiting and policy, operations and project management, sales team management, market outreach and sales growth, campaigns, product management, reputation and advocacy advancement. My public speaking and networking has always drawn people to our circle of work and to our business.

Achievement record:   As company leader, I have a consistent and tangible multi-disciplinary record of business development and sales growth. By co-ordinating sales and operations I can identify opportunities, optimize fulfillment technologies and assets, and achieve satisfaction consistency.

Paracelsus Biomedicine Academy +140% growth, Biomed +270%, Integrity Mechanical +310%, Bowen Island Pub & Liquor Store +320%, Appointments to Regional and Municipal Government Projects.

Style Tags: Loyal, supportive, innovative, profitable, action-oriented, optimistic, flexible.